Ask me anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ingredients do you use?

Each of my products has a list of their ingredients on it. If for some reason you don't see an ingredients list on a product, let me know! I will email you the ingredients & upload the information by the end of the day. 

I have had specific questions from customers about apricot oil and avocado oil. 

I never add apricot oil to anything. 

A few of my items do have avocado oil.

Please ask me directly if you have an allergy and need to know about something. 

Some of my products (like my lip balm) have beeswax. 

My soaps are all vegetable based, vegan glycerine. 

Where do you make your soaps?

I make my soaps in my small kitchen in Virginia. My upstairs kitchen is for food with my family. Our home has an inlaw suite style space in the basement, and this is my second kitchen area. It's not a full kitchen, but it's enough!

It keeps all of my products away from food - no cross contamination and all of that!

Which payment methods do you accept?

If you're standing in front of me, I will accept your cash, credit card, check, Facebook payment...

If you're online, my favorite way to get money is through Facebook payments via the Messenger app. "I trust Facebook to get their security right," says my geeky brother I also trust. 

I'm also fine with PayPal, and am working to figure out other methods of payment. Small business, lots of hats, lots of things to figure out. I'm doing my best!

What is your return policy?

Soaps & Lotions

  • Soaps that arrive damaged are eligible for replacement at no additional cost. Email photos of the damage to If the outer shipping box is damaged, please help me by taking photos of this as well.

  • I do not accept returns of samples packages, test batches, or made-to-order soap.

  • You may return undamaged soap bars & lotions (other than the above items), in their original packaging, for a refund. Do not mix the soaps around. The return ship date must be within 30 days after you receive them to qualify for a refund.

  • All natural plant based soaps have a life of their own. It’s very difficult to place an exact timeframe on an item that has no chemical stabilizers/synthetic preservatives. The soaps react differently depending on various regional/environmental conditions, ingredient combinations, and exposure circumstances. The soap should have about a 5-8 month shelf life.

Do you offer gift cards?

Sure! If you would love to give a gift card to someone, let me know, I will figure something out and get it worked out with you! Fun! My Etsy shop also accepts Etsy gift cards already. 

Do you wholesale

Not really. I have tried it a few times, and it just doesn't work for me. I do all the same work for all of my products - making them all very beautiful and perfect. I don't get any discounts on shipping, so I can't pass discounts on shipping to you either. Also, my business is so small (it's just me!), and I make things on such a small scale at this point. 

If you want something thoughtfully considered, made beautifully in Virginia, I will be happy to sell to you! 

If you need wholesale costs, please look elsewhere. Blessed Be!

What products do you make?

I make soaps and lotions from magic potions! (For information on my magic potions, see individual listings for ingredients.)

* Vegan glycerine soaps (Lavender, Rose, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cherry, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Coconut, Ginger)

* Hand lotion (Rose, Cucumber, Lavender, White Oak)

*Deoderant (White Oak, Whiskey)

* Lip Balm (Whiskey, Passionfruit Rose, Virginia Rum, Blueberry Jam)

* Lip Gloss (Virginia merlot, Virginia rosé)

* Greeting cards (birthday cards, get well cards, blank cards, Magic cards for lovers...) 

* Custom paintings - give me your color scheme and what size you're looking for, and I will come up with a price and paint you something unique! (Local Northern Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and DC folks only, please)

Did I hear that you're an ordained minister?

Why, yes! I am! For Northern Virginia folks, and Montgomery County, Maryland folks. (Places I can drive to and from within a day are ideal for me.) I will happily conduct a wedding ceremony for you at any Virginia Winery or tourist spot (Luray Caverns, anyone? Old Town Winchester?) (Outside the visiting Cirque du Soleil tent? Let's chat!)

I will customize the ceremony based on what you would like! I, myself, had a frugal, highly creative Alice in Wonderland-themed costume wedding! I own many costumes, but usually wear a dark blue dress suit for most weddings.

I am most comfortable doing a non-denominational wedding, will happily do a Pagan wedding, a wedding for atheists, costume wedding, fairy folk wedding, themed wedding. Let's chat! It should be FUN! It's a one-time-in-your-life event - it should be fun (and not a spending money competition, in my opinion). 

​My fee for marrying couples is $150.