One gorgeous fall day in October, I was happily reading along in Alice Hoffman's brand new book, "The Rules of Magic." I came across the soap she mentions in her book - black lavender soap. She mentions that it is a bit rough, made of many things put together, and that when using it, it takes years off your face. 

I thought, "I can make that!" I hadn't made soaps in years! I made soaps in 1998-2001. And then every now and then I made maybe 12-30 at a time (per year) and sold them at a local Farmer's Markets and also at a friend's antique shop. 

I put together my first batch of Black Lavender Soap fairly quickly - I had what I needed to make it. I ordered some beautiful custom stickers, and my soap business was born!


If you're a fan of lavender, this is a perfect soap. I love this soap - it lathers well, rinses cleanly, and leaves a calm and relaxing scent of lavender on your hands and body for several hours after washing. 


I make this soap like I make every other item I make - small bathches. Every soap is about 5 oz, and every batch looks a bit different. Handmade does that - each batch looks a bit different from each other batch. I like it that way. To me, it makes it the artform that it is - the art of soap making. 

Black Lavender Soap

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  • My soaps are made in small batches - 1-12 soaps at a time. I make them from vegan glycerine and add in some high-grade environmentally colorants. I also add in rose leaves I have dried myself of roses grown in Virginia, and dried lavender buds and little bits of dried lavender stems, also grown at a small family farm in Virginia. 


  • If for some reason you're not satisfied with your order, you can perhaps consider giving it to a friend and request another item of similar value from my shop. Please contact me and we'll work out the details. I would like to do my best to bring joy to your experience, but I understand a lot of things just don't work out for whatever reason. Please just communicate with me and we will figure out something together.