When I was a little girl, my dad used to take me a farm. The lady showed me all sorts of wonderful things - her goats, the loft where she slept (I thought that was so cool), and her handmade rose hand lotion.


I was dreaming of being at that farm a few months ago, and realized I wanted to try to recreate the scent and memory I had from using her rose lotion. After I made the lotion, I decided it would be extra lovely to also make this in to a soap. So I have!!


It turns out that I have 3 fragrances, and they are all lovely!!


Baby Rose is the classic scent I remember from the handmade rose lotion at the farm all those years ago. Romantic Rose smells like a gorgeous deep red rose. It's sophisticated and wonderful. And English Rose smells like you're in the middle of a wonderful Rose Garden! I spent hours and hours in the beautiful garden in Harrogate, York County, England, and also the beautiful walk where Princess Diana strolled in Hyde Park in London. My English Rose scented items take me back to the memory of being in those English gardens, enjoying the roses. 


I love this soap - it lathers well, rinses cleanly, and leaves a calm and luxurious scent of roses on your hands and body for several hours after washing. 


I make this soap in small batches in my little kitchen in Virginia.

Every soap is about 5 oz, and every batch looks a bit different. Handmade does that - each batch looks a bit different from each other batch. I like it that way. To me, it makes it the artform that it is - the art of soap making. 

This is my personal favorite set of soaps. 

Rose Soap from my Virginia Garden

SKU: rose-soaps-handmade
  • My soaps are made in small batches - 1-12 soaps at a time. I make them from vegan glycerine, wonderful rose oil for an extra touch of luxury, and add in some high-grade environmentally colorants and a touch of perfume.

    I finish off the soaps by adding rose bud leaves I have dried myself of roses grown in Virginia (from my own garden when I can), wonderful rose oil for an extra touch of luxury, and high quality, gorgeous rose colored mica. 


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