This special soap is made for people like me - who have extra sensitive skin beyond belief. Growing up, everything made me break out or get a rash. This is one of the reasons why I started creating my own products! Well, and this way I can make things I enjoy smelling. 


This product is the most basic, simple, kind product I have. 

There are no additive colors or fragrances. It's for your most sensitive areas, for the most sensitive people. 

My neighbor's sweet daughter was having issues with my other soaps, so I spontaneously gave her the soap I had that didn't yet have any coloring or fragrances. My neighbor reported back that it's kind and gentle on her daughter's precious skin!


I am so grateful to that I can help out a girl with her sensitive skin issues. I grew up with Ivory soap, but I never liked the scent of it. I was taught that it was the most gentle thing, ever. But the scent bothered me. 

Sensitive Skin Soap

SKU: no-color-no-perfume
  • My soaps are made in small batches - 1-12 soaps at a time. I make them from vegan glycerine and add in some high-grade environmentally colorants. I also add in rose leaves I have dried myself of roses grown in Virginia, and dried lavender buds and little bits of dried lavender stems, also grown at a small family farm in Virginia. 


  • If for some reason you're not satisfied with your order, you can perhaps consider giving it to a friend and request another item of similar value from my shop. Please contact me and we'll work out the details. I would like to do my best to bring joy to your experience, but I understand a lot of things just don't work out for whatever reason. Please just communicate with me and we will figure out something together.