One gorgeous fall day in October, I was happily reading along in Alice Hoffman's brand new book, "The Rules of Magic." She mentioned that the heroines in the book make soap, cogs and gears turned in my head and my soap making business was born!


My favorite season of the year is autumn. There are so many wonderful colors, and I start using the oven to bake wonderful things, including Snickerdoodle cookies. Yummmm! Warm fires, caramel apples, colored leaves, pumpkins, ... I love all of it! This soap gives me so much warmth and happiness. It's comfort at the highest level for me to just breathe in the soap and feel contentness wash all over me. 

I think texture is beautiful, and this is the first soap I have made using my crinkle cutter, so the soap has a beautiful wavy pattern on the sides. I love it!! This is my happy place cinnamon soap. Give it a chance, and it will become yours too. 


I make this soap like I make every other item I make - in small bathches. Every soap is about 5 oz, and every batch looks a bit different. Handmade does that - each batch looks a bit different from each other batch. I like it that way. This is the beautiful art of soapmaking!

Warm Cinnamon Soap

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  • My soaps are made in small batches - 1-12 soaps at a time. I make them from vegan glycerine and add in some high-grade environmentally colorants. I also add in organic cinnamon, and a few spices, (most of the coloring comes from cinnamon!)

  • If for some reason you're not satisfied with your order, you can perhaps consider giving it to a friend and request another item of similar value from my shop. Please contact me and we'll work out the details. I would like to do my best to bring joy to your experience, but I understand a lot of things just don't work out for whatever reason. Please just communicate with me and we will figure out something together.